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Hand Beaten Nepal Singing Bowl with Mallet & Cushion - approx. 723 Grams


Product Information

Hand Beaten Nepal Singing Bowl with Mallet & Cushion - approx. 723 Grams.
This beautiful traditional hand beaten Singing Bowl is created from a blend of 7 different metals.  They are as follows:-
-  Gold
-  Silver
-  Mercury
-  Copper
-  Iron
-  Tin 
-  Lead 
Dimensions of the Bowl
Diameter of rim - 150mm or 6 inches
Depth - 80 mm
Weight - 723 grams
There are 9 different stages all together to get one singing bowl from the makers to our store.  
Each bowl has its own unique sound and has been etched, then Hand Painted using Tibetan Symbols and Traditional Designs.
Made in Nepal.
Singing bowls (also known as Himalayan bowls, rin gongs, medicine bowls, Tibetan bowls or suzu gongs in Japan) are a type of bell, specifically classified as a standing bell.  Rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, standing bells sit with the bottom surface resting.  The sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound.  
Singing bowls were traditionally used throughout Asia as part of Bon and Tantric Buddhist sadhana.  Today they are employed worldwide both within and without these spiritual traditions, for meditation, trance-induction, relaxation, healthcare, personal well-being and religious practice.

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