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Crystal Quartz Obelisk


Manufacturer: IKG

Product Information

Crystal Quartz Obelisk.  Price is for one Obelisk.  
Height & Weight
Approx. 2 1/2 - 3 inches and weight approx. 30 grams to 60 grams.
About Crystal Quartz
Crystal or Clear Quartz is the most powerful healer and amplifier in all crystals.  It can be used in conjunction with any other stone in order to amplify the stones vibration.  Quartz is also excellent in assisting you to understand and then remove any blockages that you might be holding with the added advantage that it works on all levels of self.  It aids the memory and assist us to recall forgotten memories.  It is excellent to program with an intent as quartz stores and holds information.  Aids concentration and cleans on all levels.
About the Obelisk
The obelisk began its life in Egypt, it is indigenous to the cultures of Egypt, South American and Mexico.  Obelisks have been strategically placed on the earth to slowly dissipate any energy build up that could cause destruction. The shape maintains the balance of earth energy by taking the stored energies and releasing them into the atomosphere to be circulated around the globe.
Metaphysically - Crystal obelisks act in the same manner when they are placed in a building.  If there is a build up of energies, the obelisk can dissipate the build up. Crystal obelisks are also storehouses of knowledge. Depending on the area where the crystal is mined will determine what information is contained within it. The inclusions of a crystal obelisk are similar to the hieroglyphic symbols to relate a story as to the purpose and history of the obelisk with respect to its placement.
Take an obelisk and hold it upright with the left hand.  When you have become accustomed to its vibration, rub one of the faces to begin the release of information stored in the crystal.  Most obelisks contain various aspects of world history.  When the crystal has finished with its transmission, place it in your right hand and rub the opposite face of it. This acts as a bookmark when you resume your next meditation.  Each face will release information different in nature but pertaining to the same subject material.  
A few obelisks can be used for healing purposes.  Place the base of the affected area in the same manner as can be done with pyramids for extracting and replacing negative energies.
Please Note:  As stock constantly changes these particular Obelisks that are shown might not be available but we will send you one very similar.

Product Code: crystalquartzobelish

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